Hi, I'm Robin (thus ). This site is about stuff I've explored and learned about starting from when I took a year off work to sort some things out.

GRUMPYCORP STUDIOS is the name of my movie studio / consulting company / record label / construction outfit, whatever I need it to be at any given time.

It actually is a real company at this point: Grumpy Company Studios LLC d/b/a Grumpycorp Studios! I wasn't allowed to call it "Grumpycorp Studios LLC" off the bat because you cannot have "corp" in the name of an LLC so here we are with this registered and licensed "doing business as" life hack.

If you want my help on anything - a project, a problem, an opportunity - don't hesitate to ask.


  • In progress
    • Needlessly geek out with current technology
    • Cook all the things (working on it)
  • On ice
    • Become a credible any kind of film editor
      • Make a short film (proof of concept)
      • Make the soundtrack for said short film
      • Help friends make and edit films → working on it right now!
  • Completed
    • Complete a major labor-of-love project done
    • Figure out whether food could be a livelihood been there, done it, doesn't pay

Lessons learned

  • Just do it right the first time is the constant refrain from the cottage project, my primary occupation over the last eight months.
  • Food is wonderful but don't make it a livelihood unless you enjoy it so much that you don't mind 60+ hour work weeks for minimum wage pay. Duh.