Close-up of graphic novels

The Walnut Library

February 2018

The library invites readers of all ages to grab a book from its 288’ (88m) of walnut shelving and enjoy it in the built-in nook or on the couch. Recessed commercial/retail shelf standards get out of the way and make the space reconfigurable. The lower cabinets include a thin LED strip to offer dim lighting when watching movies with built-in 7.1 surround sound.

One or more secret compartments may or may not have been provided.

All images by Robin Giese / GRUMPYCORP.

Corner detail with Harry reading
Overview shot from right
Overview shot from left
Detail shot without books
Overview shot without books
View from TV
Close-up of lower shelves
Detail shot of corner
Corner with Ollie's eyes
Corner with Ollie's head
Corner with Ollie popping out
Corner detail with Harry upside down
Corner detail with Harry's knees
View towards TV
TV detail
Corner with Harry reading

Design and construction by Robin Giese / GRUMPYCORP, except shelves, bench tops, and edge banding fabricated by Ramon Rivera / Rivera 26 Remodeling (I broke my wrist right before the final stage of the project).

House design and architecture by BUILD LLC.

AutoCAD rendering