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October 24th, 2018in cottage
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I needed to build a stoop in front of the door. Thankfully we had one on the main house for a back door so I had a design to steal (“model after”).
The frame was initially a simple 3’ job hung off a pressure-treated ledger board mounted to the sheathing and terminating in pressure-treated posts set into concrete. I built this while doing the siding since 1/ I wanted a break from the siding project, and 2/ I needed it to make the siding install of the door elevation easier.
Having spent some time with it, though, I realized that a 3’ deep stoop for a 3’ wide out-swing door was just a bit awkward, and it needed an intermediate step down to the ground anyhow. I used the opportunity of creating the step to also tack on a partial-width extension to the main decking surface, and build a nicely finished concrete pad since it was going to remain visible. Per usual I covered the deck framing with Vycor just in case.
IMG 20181019 164254
Completed deck framing
The decking material is 1x4 ipe just like on the main house. Using the ipe as trim for the sides is a somewhat pricey way of covering up the pressure-treated framing but it sure looks nice. Ipe is time-consuming to work with since every screw needs to be not only pre-drilled but also pre-countersunk: the cost of the nice tiny screw heads is that the tiny screws have no hope of cutting their own countersink.
Not shown: the considerable amount of planning required to get this to look slick and easy. Even with that, a bunch of the vertically applied ipe needed to be ripped to subtly smaller widths; of course ripping it means you also need to re-round over the edges with a router, etc. As per above, ipe is time-consuming to work with.
IMG 20181024 141747
Completed deck with decking and trim

Lessons learned

  • Design it right the first time
  • Pre-drill, pre-sink everything
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