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July 17th, 2018in cottage
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The roof framing was again a bit precious due to the nature of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Rather than having simple-ish roof rafters between the beams and then separate short extensions for the overhangs, I decided to notch the beams into full-length solid-sawn 2x10 rafters. I made a template out of scrap plywood, transcribed AutoCAD-derived dimensions onto it, and it magically fit on the first cut.
Additional preciousness came from having to make landing spots for the joist hangers (simple LUS26Z, not fancy sloped ones) and having to kick them up a bit so they wouldn’t project into the ceiling plane.
IMG 20180712 153621
Close-up of roof rafter end
They came together pretty quickly, even though a number of variations were needed (e.g. accounting for presence/absence of sheathing on the overhangs, end pieces, etc.).
IMG 20180716 114318
Roof rafters, installed
The notched nature made them self-supporting while I was installing the joist hangers which was quite nice when handling 10’ long pieces mid-air.
IMG 20180716 114512 Bokeh
Close-up of roof rafter hangers
I then added LVL rimboards (per my usual rule of not trusting dimensional lumber to be straight for more than 4’)…
IMG 20180717 101929
Close-up of roof rafter hangers
…though in defense of dimensional lumber, the 2x10s from Dunn Lumber were for the most part quite straight (less than 1/8” of deviation) and I aligned any non-straight pieces to crown sequentially and in the same direction, much like Precision Framing had taught me many years ago.
IMG 20180716 114347
Close-up of roof rafter hangers
Finally, I nailed on and trimmed off the roof sheathing (simple 1/2” plywood, same as the wall sheathing).
IMG 20180717 134903
Roof sheathing
Oh, and did I mention I hate heights? Getting all the roofing plywood up and installed was pretty close to a hard nope but I managed to get through it.
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