Modern kitchen paper towel holder

August 16th, 2018in crafting
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I’d been meaning to get a second roll of paper towels for the other end of our kitchen. We had a nice space available on the underside of a cabinet in the ideal location, and I wanted to permanently mount a paper towel holder there.
I also wanted the gizmo to vibe with other interior details of our Danish Modern house; for reference, here’s a close-up of our stair railings fabricated by Bart at Build LLC:
IMG 20180816 133549 Bokeh
Stair railing detail
After a half hour of internet shopping I gave up and decided to just make the dang thing myself. If nothing else, this would be a nice diversion from all the woodworking on the cottage.
I got some square stock and some round from Home Depot (sigh):
IMG 20180813 092616
Steel stock
I then cut them to length, drilled holes into the square stock to receive the round, and also fabbed up some bar stock I had floating around to become a mounting plate:
IMG 20180813 103403
Fabricated pieces
Time to weld and grind (I just flat welded the ends of the square stock where it had received the round and that turned out to be perfectly sufficient):
IMG 20180813 105927
Welding time
IMG 20180813 111823
Then I primed and painted the thing with flat black automotive spray paint and installed it a day later. For the record, it’s perfectly even and level, it just looks a bit off due to the perspective in the photo…
IMG 20180816 121344
Finished and installed end product

Lessons learned

  • Invariably any welding project is 5% welding and the rest spent on cutting, grinding, cleaning, etc.
    • However, by virtue of maintaining a clean and well-configured shop, this was still only a two hour exercise, other than the trip to Home Depot.
    • Welding, even if it’s only 5% of the project, is still tremendously fun.
  • Automotive paint is awesome and somehow consistently works better than spray paint from the big box stores despite costing the same.
  • Note to self: this is probably my last welding project before it’s time to get more argon.
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