NVMe clamp for camera rig

August 17th, 2020in film making
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I bought a new camera and needed a way to mount my external storage, a Plugable USB-C NVMe enclosure.
After spending a bunch of time browsing SmallRig’s site I couldn’t find anything that made me happy.
I realized I could just make something on my 3D printer, particularly since I’d been doing a bunch of CF-PETG prints of late, so I whipped something up in Fusion 360 (F3D, STL) and an hour of printing later we’re done!
Clamp render from Fusion 360
Clamp fresh off the printer
Test fit with enclosure
Installed on the camera
The material is perhaps a bit thick but I keyed the shell thickness to a design parameter so it’s easy to change.

Lessons learned

Sometimes it’s faster (less than two hours in all) and cheaper ($0.30 of PETG) to just design and print something yourself.
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