Duchess potatoes

June 6th, 2018in food
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I had picked up asparagus for dinner yet again since it’s fun, easy, and in season. I wanted to add some potatoes to the mix and thought about mashing them and piping them in some needlessly fancy way. Turns out this is an actual thing (duchess potatoes) that I’d managed to re-invent.
IMG 20180606 184555 Bokeh
Duchess potatoes, asparagus, tofu, mushrooms

Lessons learned

  • Duchess potatoes = mashed potatoes with some egg, piped, and baked in the oven.
    • Extremely popular with everyone in the house.
    • Sank a little while baking, so should try frying them next time.
    • Not really any more effort than just making mashed potatoes.
    • +++ would buy again
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